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Increasing website rank on Google is one of the most popular ways to do marketing for products or services. However, it is not easy to make a website to the top ranking of Google search. You need to take lots of time to create creative as well as useful content to attract a large number of visitors. In this case, a website ranking software will be the best choice to minimize effort and reach the target as soon as possible.

How does Google rank websites on Google Search Engine?

To increase your website’s rank on Google Search Engine, you need to know how Google evaluates and ranks websites.

Google has 3 separate parts that make up the rating and rating for search results rankings, including

  • Crawling & Indexing

Crawlers or Google Bots will collect data about the content as well as links on the page and brings that information back to Google’s search servers. Googlebot will go through all the content on the site and check what these pages are talking about, including how many pages are pointing to and from this page.

Next, the data obtained from the website crawling process will be indexed. Google will encode data as text and index them so that they can be saved in the library of Google. These indexes will include information such as keywords and their position on the page. Therefore, when users search for a certain keyword, these tools of Google will search by keyword and extract results easily within the shortest time.

How does Google rank websites? - Google Bots
How does Google rank websites? – Google Bots
  • Website Ranking Algorithm

To decide whether the content of websites is useful for users or not, Google uses a lot of different ranking criteria. Currently, there are more than 210 different criteria to determine the value of a website. These criteria are algorithms and formulas to give the best answer to each user’s search. These criteria are based on website information such as used keywords, website popularity (backlinks), pagerank, etc.

  • Anti Spam Algorithm

Spam websites are useless. Therefore, Google forms a group of top engineers to filter this spam site to avoid affecting other websites. Google uses anti-spam algorithms such as Google Panda and Google Penguin. They also check the spam status of websites manually. Websites that are identified as spam will immediately drop in search results rankings. Then, these websites can be put on a list of websites to follow by Google.

How to increase website rank on Google Search?

Create Useful Content

You need to share useful information and avoid copying content from other websites because the Crawlers will check whether your content is fresh or not. Also, visitors will stay on the page longer and visit more sessions if your content is good. Therefore, you should create your own useful content instead of delivering similar content to your competitor’s website. Then, your website is evaluated and ranked at a higher position by Google.

Create Useful Content to increase Web Rank
Create Useful Content

Moreover, you need to optimize the article with keywords, title tags, etc. You can refer to Keyword research tools such as Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, AnswerThePublic, etc. to find out popular keywords in your area. Then, you create your own content with these keywords.

Furthermore, publishing quality content on a regular basis will help your website attract more visitors. Thus, you need to update new trends, interests, and questions related to your area in order to create suitable content frequently.

BackLinks – Website Ranking Software

Backlinks are links from any other websites (blogs, forums, social networks, etc.) to your website. This is one of the most important factors determining page rank on Google.

Tips to create qualified backlinks:
  • You need to backlink on websites related to your field because traffic coming from these websites is your potential customers. Google will rate your website higher.
  • Backlinks from community forums and newspaper websites related to your area are always considered as quality backlinks.
  • Government websites with the .gov domain always bring high-quality backlinks.
  • Put backlinks on high-traffic websites.  Websites with high traffic will be highly appreciated by Google. With a large amount of traffic, your article will have more readers’ interest.
  • Avoid backlinks on spam websites or violating the community guidelines of the search engine. Low-quality backlinks will decrease the ranking of websites.


More and more users are using mobile-phone to search on Google. Therefore, Google considers Mobile-friendliness as an important indicator of search ranking. Website design needs to fit the screens of mobile phone. Also, if your website can be easily searched, read, or shared with mobile Google will consider that your website brings better experiences to users on mobile phones. Thus, your website will be ranked higher on search engines.

Website Ranking Bot

Experience of visitors

Websites that provide users with a positive experience are always highly ranked by Google. You should build a website category structure according to your visitors’ interests. Any optimization should be towards making the user experience better.

Several factors that you need to optimize to improve the experience of users:

  • The content is easy to read (do not write more than 20 words within a sentence, user common words, etc.)
  • Well structured website
  • Content as well as images are interesting, useful, and not duplicate
  • Install reasonable, relevant internal links ( 300 words should put 1 link )

Web Traffic – Website ranking software

Websites with lots of traffic will be ranked higher on Google search engine.  A large number of web traffic prove that your website has useful content, qualified backlinks as well as brings good experiences to users.

 Website ranking software
Website ranking software

These mentioned works above will take a lot of time and effort to finish. Luckily, you can use website ranking software to increase google search traffic automatically. Our website ranking software (SEOQNICLICK) will log in Gmail accounts and simulate real user activities in order to bring qualified traffic to your website. Then, you can rank your website faster on Google Search.

Main features of SEOQNICLICK BOT – Website ranking software

 SEOQNICLCK - Website ranking software
SEOQNICLCK – Website ranking software
  • Auto Login Gmail accounts in bulk
  • Auto generate cookies/profiles
  • Search Google for your keywords and find your website to click
  • Can run with Unlimited keywords and websites
  • Emulate thousands of different devices
  • Simulate Human activities to gain trust from Google
  • Auto click internal pages after visiting your website from Google Search

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