TOP 5 Affiliate Networks – How To Make Money with Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Marketing includes Advertisers, Publishers, and End Users, and the indispensable element is Affiliate Networks. Do you want to make money with Affiliate Network? So do you know anything about Affiliate Network? Do you know the way it works or the way it helps you make money? If you do not know or want to know more about it, follow the below content.

What Is The Affiliate Network?

Affiliate Network is an intermediary that acts as a bridge between advertisers and affiliate marketers. And it is responsible for connecting and satisfying the needs, managing and providing information for both parties. Affiliate Network plays an important and indispensable role in creating an affiliate marketing model.

How Does Affiliate Networks work?

Nowadays, there are many e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Amazon, Alibaba, Taobao, eBay, etc.

If you want to become an Affiliate Marketer for one of those companies. Maybe you will worry about:

  • Is there any organization that regularly and accurately updates its offers and promotions?
  • Do they give you commissions on time?
  • Is that company honest about the amount of the commission record?

To solve your worries, certainly, you need a third party. Who will help you and give you a safe feeling and guarantee when you are an affiliate marketer. And that is the responsibility of the Affiliate Network. So how does the Affiliate Network work?

  • Act as a bridge between you and the Advertisers
  • Ensure honesty of the Advertisers about commissions and statistics,etc.
  • You will receive payment on time
  • Regularly update the Advertisers’ offers
  • Make sure that your benefits will be implemented as a signed contract
  • Resolve your complaints or conflict between you and the Advertisers

Top 5 Trusted Affiliate Networks

Affiliate marketing is growing strongly because this is a form of making money that is popular all over the world. Therefore, many Affiliate Networks were born. Here we will introduce to you the top 5 Affiliate Networks that have been used by almost all Affiliate Marketers:

Leadbit Finance (LF)

LF was established in 2003 and headquartered in London. Nowadays, it appears in most countries with an affiliate model is CPA.

The benefits of working with Leadbit:

  • Sign up easy: no require having a website/ blog.
  • Have many campaigns to promote crypto/binary, financial, mobile subscription, functional food, and beauty products.
  • Receive high commission (up to 20$).
  • Support multiple payment methods. For example PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, E-Payments, MGID, Wire Transfer, and Credit cards.
  • Technical team support 24/7.
  • Equip with many affiliate marketing tools. Like tracking URL, order form, TDS, API, pre-landing, and landing page.


Clickbank was born in 1998 and has over 6 million products offering customers worldwide up to now.

The benefits of working with Clickbank

  • Clickbank offers a full tutorial in the form of video courses and blogs for the newbies
  • Wide range of marketing products in the fields such as ebooks, software, online course, online marketing tool, online platform, etc.


ShareASale was established in the 2000s. With over 200.000 affiliate marketers and 16.000 sellers, this is the best affiliate network for bloggers. Besides, it is the most reliable and available in many countries.

The benefits of working with ShareASale:

  • Many famous brands like Namecheap, Circuit, Deluxe, Reebok and Text Magic offer their affiliate programs at ShareASale.
  • Shows data like average earnings per click (EPC). It not only helps you find the best programs but also saves your time.
  • Commission rates depend on the program. But they are stable, usually ranging from 10% to 40%.

AccessTrade (AT)

AccessTrade was born in 2001 in Japan. And it is considered the best affiliate marketing network in Vietnam according to the CPA model.

The benefits of working with AT:

  • Have an attractive commission of up to 21%. This is a relatively high commission compared to other marketing networks.
  • Simple and on-time payment method. You will be paid on the 15th of every month. If your income is at least about 10$. And otherwise, you will be accrued next month.
  • Wide range of marketing products in the fields of e-commerce, fashion, travel, banking, insurance, and beauty.
  • The AT community is very active on the fan page and group AT. They usually host a lot of training sessions for publishers.

Commission Junction (CJ)

CJ is an affiliate marketing program owned by Conversant, Inc since 1998, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. CJ is the oldest and most trusted network for affiliate marketing. If you want to make money with Affiliate networks, you can not ignore CJ.

The benefits of working with CJ:

  • The number of niches is extremely large, in lots of fields. For instance finance, education, tourism, hosting/domain services, etc.
  • Have a high commission, which can be up to 1000% of the order’s value.

How Can We Make Money With Affiliate Networks?

The process of making money with Affiliate Networks is quite easy to understand:

B1. Choose a niche that you are interested in and have knowledge about it. Besides, the chosen niche must be friendly and easily accessible to customers.

B2. Signing up for an account is completely free and easy. Then your account will be activated as soon as completed.

B3. After having an account, you will receive affiliate links from Affiliate networks.

B4. Start promoting links to customers by sharing them through social networks, websites, blogs, and digital marketing.

B5. Advertisers will pay you a commission according to the regulations. If you have any successful orders, registration forms, and information fill in the links they provided.

Thank you for following this article, we hope it will be useful for you.

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